The month of June will once again see Winter Hope in action in collaboration with various NPO’s to serve and support thousands of people in need. The current challenge of winter is amplified by the COVID19 pandemic that poses a huge threat to vulnerable people. Winter Hope invites the public to get involved by donating blankets, warm clothing, non-perishable food, shelter, safety gear, masks, sanitising and cleaning products.

Winter Hope started in 2001 when a partnership between MES (Johannesburg, Kempton Park, Cape Town and Port Elizabeth) and PEN was founded to support vulnerable communities during the coldest time of the year. This partnership grew to 4 organisations when it was joined by Towers of Hope (Bloemfontein) and this year the KZN Christian Council (Durban) were added as the new Kwa-Zulu Natal partner.

During 2019, Winter Hope collected more than 2500 blankets, 1500 beanies, 3500 shopping bags of food and clothing, and made 8000 beds available for shelter against the cold. Close to 200 drop-off points operated under the Winter Hope umbrella that served as collection and some as points of distribution.

Winter Hope is proud to have RSG, Media24, the Kerkbode and KykNET Ontbytsake as partners for this year’s campaign. We hope to have even greater impact in 2020 making our vision to #GiveHope #GiveWarmth tangible.

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