Bringing Warmth and Support to Vulnerable people During the Winter Season

WinterHope, an esteemed initiative that has been making a difference for the past twenty two years, returns this year with its annual campaign to provide essential winter supplies for the disadvantaged. The collaborative effort between PEN (Pretoria), MES (Johannesburg, Kempton Park, Gqeberha, and Cape Town), His Hands (Durban), and Towers of Hope (Bloemfontein) aims to support vulnerable communities throughout South Africa during the chilling winter months.

Since its inception, WinterHope has garnered increasing support from the public, schools, local faith communities, businesses, and the media, solidifying its position as a national movement. The campaign’s main objective is to extend a helping hand to vulnerable community members in a responsible manner, ensuring they have the necessary resources to survive the cold winter season. These resources include clothing, food, blankets, and monetary donations.

WinterHope acknowledges that the campaign’s success is only possible with the support and collaboration of the public, schools, local communities, businesses, and the media. Their contributions have allowed WinterHope to create a network of more than 140 collection points, ensuring that donations are efficiently collected and distributed within the same local communities where they are most needed.

The WinterHope partners distribute all the items collected to the communities in need living within the regions they serve. For more information about the various drop-off points available throughout South Africa, please visit https://winterhoop.org/drop-off-points/.

Monetary donations are also welcomed and help these organisations meet the most basic needs during the winter. All donations qualify for 18A tax receipts. Please email winterhoop@pen.org.za for more information on how to be eligible for an 18A tax receipt.

WinterHope encourages individuals, businesses, and organisations across South Africa to join forces in supporting this vital campaign. By donating clothing, food, and blanketsor contributing monetary funds, each participant becomes an agent of change, bringing warmth and hope to those who need it the most.

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